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Pusheen The Cat

Excellent product! Everything was excellent just a little disappointed it too so long to arrive. I would not mind paying more for delivery to receive the product sooner.

Let's see what else you have?

Great transaction, timely delivery and a good quality product.

Democratic Women Cup Review

I like the coffee cup very much!!! When I drink coffee from it I can make a statement without saying a word!!! A while ago I also sent one to my sister-in-law and one to my good friend!!!
(They are also Democrats!)


The shirt arrived just as you said and seemed to be of good quality. My husband wore it once. After I washed it (in a machine with no agitator) there was a tear in the neckband a few cm's from the seam of the neckband itself. I was able to sew it by hand, but it shouldn't have happened. I would still order from you. Just thought you should know about the tear.


I do like the mugs and the price was the best around. I just thought they seemed smaller than I was expecting, but they are fine. Will shop this website again!


Nice shirt very pleased!!!

Not good

Was happy until i washed it, design is barely noticeable after first wash. Followed washing instructions.


Great quality shirt. Fast delivery. Super communication.


Hamilton the Musical: Rise Up Shirt, Hoodie, Tank

I love it!

This is my new favourite mug! The quality is great and the shipping was quick too! Would highly recommend to any Jurassic Park/ dinosaur lover

Great Cat Mugs

The cat mugs are beautiful, I am very glad that I found these mugs and this site. There are not hardly any cat mugs out there that look this nice. Very very happy with them and they will look very rich hanging on a stainless steel mug holder. Thank You......


After one cold water wash decal faded unbelievably


Damon Salvatore: Good Girls Go To Heaven Bad Girls Go To Mystic Falls shirt

5 stars

The 3 T-shirts I bought are fantastic. Everyone loves them. Thank you for the great idea.


you have your right to your opinion we are in a free country at least for now, however trump is destroying our country and how people treat others since he has been in office, and in a way you are right about suicide however I would not loose any sleep if him and his supporters who feels it is okay to lie cheat and bully and that's just 3 things in his and his supporters feel that is okay to do then they should end there lives, and whoopie has class and did wear the shirt and feels that way and that's okay don't you think, trump is a racist low life piece of shit and americans is who trump is suppose to work for and he is doing a horrible job and he is right about one thing and that is we need to drain the swamp and the swamp is him and the people who lets him get away with it,,,, I am a proud American and a proud republican and he is not a president without any class at all, I car about my country friends and family and humans and trump is only about himself and people that sucks his tiny little junk, so Debbie your opinion matters and how you feel but you don't have the right to tell people that there way is wrong and by saying that you are making judgement on others and that is wrong to do, so before you start judging remember I did not say you were wrong and even say you have the right to how you feel so you should try to see others views SUICIDE IS HORRIBLE AND SAD AND HEARTBREAKING THAT IS TRUE, BUT ONE LESS TRUMP WILL BE BETTER FOR OUR COUNTRY WE SHOULD LOVE AND RESPECT TRUMP WANTS TO BE KIM JON UN A DICTATOR AND RULE TILL HE DIES AND THEN PASS ON TO MINI HIM, if that happens I will think about shooting myself rather to be control by a POWER HUNGRY RACIST EGOMANIAC TRUMP

Just sayin'!!!

I'am the 100% NOT a Trump fan---however this shirt is absolutely disgusting, shameful & sickening!!! With all the craziness in the Country---School & other mass shootings, cyber bullying, Heroin epidemic, social unrest between races, teen suicides etc, etc, etc,------I just CANNOT comprehend how any common sense, rational thinking, morally grounded Human being would think its okay to produce this Vile product !!!! Shame on whoever created this---I'm sure their parents are very proud!!! this is sad, sad, sad. FYI----Please get your facts straight--Whoopi had nothing to do with creating this shirt ---she certainly has more class that!!! SUICIDE IS NOTHING TO JOKE ABOUT---NEVER, NEVER,NEVER!!!!!!

Wow, it exists!

Whatever your opinion of this shirt, one has to appreciate his tribe coming to this site to discourage the site to stop selling it, yet still giving the product a 5 star rating. An observation though, this shirt has gained popularity again thanks to their 'Domestic Goddess '.

Thank you

A shirt that addresses the way I feel about this pseudo-conservative fucktard. He's done nothing but line his families pockets while in office.


Thank you for standing up for your country


Firstly Whoopi never for this T-shirt (it was photoshopped) so this is defamatory, secondly however much I may dislike the chump as president this is revolting.


I hope you go out of business for selling something that is blatantly hateful and horrific. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Hey coward...

It's just a matter of time before you fucking liberals push the envelope too far and end up being the end result of your own threats. Soon enough, sissies.


You should be ashamed of yourself for this evil and disgusting product!!!


This is what we are teaching our kids (children of America)? Tell people you don’t like to kill them selves? Bullying what about all the school shootings this is promoting that. Kill people you don’t like,

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