Whoopi Goldberg Trump shirt

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Whoopi Goldberg Trump shirt: Trump commits suicide - a great way to make America Great Again. Available in t-shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie, racerback


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Nice shirt very pleased!!!

Not good

Was happy until i washed it, design is barely noticeable after first wash. Followed washing instructions.


Great quality shirt. Fast delivery. Super communication.


After one cold water wash decal faded unbelievably


you have your right to your opinion we are in a free country at least for now, however trump is destroying our country and how people treat others since he has been in office, and in a way you are right about suicide however I would not loose any sleep if him and his supporters who feels it is okay to lie cheat and bully and that's just 3 things in his and his supporters feel that is okay to do then they should end there lives, and whoopie has class and did wear the shirt and feels that way and that's okay don't you think, trump is a racist low life piece of shit and americans is who trump is suppose to work for and he is doing a horrible job and he is right about one thing and that is we need to drain the swamp and the swamp is him and the people who lets him get away with it,,,, I am a proud American and a proud republican and he is not a president without any class at all, I car about my country friends and family and humans and trump is only about himself and people that sucks his tiny little junk, so Debbie your opinion matters and how you feel but you don't have the right to tell people that there way is wrong and by saying that you are making judgement on others and that is wrong to do, so before you start judging remember I did not say you were wrong and even say you have the right to how you feel so you should try to see others views SUICIDE IS HORRIBLE AND SAD AND HEARTBREAKING THAT IS TRUE, BUT ONE LESS TRUMP WILL BE BETTER FOR OUR COUNTRY WE SHOULD LOVE AND RESPECT TRUMP WANTS TO BE KIM JON UN A DICTATOR AND RULE TILL HE DIES AND THEN PASS ON TO MINI HIM, if that happens I will think about shooting myself rather to be control by a POWER HUNGRY RACIST EGOMANIAC TRUMP

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