Gilmore girls: in omnia paratus Life and Death Brigade shirt

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In Gilmore Girls, Logan brings Rory to a few of the Life and Death Brigade events. in omnia paratus Life and Death Brigade shirt, sweatshirt. Ready for anything


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ZERO Stars for the description.

I don't have Fb Messenger, otherwise I would have sent y'all a message instead.

Nice design, but the description is rather irksome. The correct phrase, "in omnia paratus," is, at once, beloved and popularized by us fans of the TV show 'Gilmore Girls'. show's original run and then again with the recent Netflix release of the "Gilmore Girls Revival" (recently, and exclusively, released November 2016). translates phrase "in omnia paratus" translates as "ready for anything,"

In your description, you wrote the phrase, "in tomnia paratus," but there is no 't' in 'omnia'.

I can see how someone unfamiliar with the show could make this mistake, and I am glad the shirt itself displays the correct saying.

Tl;dr: Please fix the description to accurately reflect the correct saying--which is thankfully accurate on the shirt.

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